The Halifax Public Gardens Celebrates
its 150th Anniversary in 2017


2017 marked not only the sesquicentennial of Canada
but also the Halifax Public Gardens

For well over a century, citizens of HRM, from around the Province, and from
all over the world have visited and come to love the Halifax Public Gardens.

The Public Gardens cover 16 acres within the bustling heart of Atlantic Canada’s largest city.
They are a beautiful and lasting symbol of a formal Victorian garden that has survived intact
and relatively unspoiled inside the shelter of its encircling fence for 150 years.

To mark this important anniversary, the Halifax Public Gardens hosted an exciting
and diverse array of events that everyone could enjoy – children, adults, Haligonians, visitors,
horticultural enthusiasts and garden admirers. This celebration included groups,
organizations and individuals showcasing the arts and culture of our community.

A Gallery of Our 150th Activities

A National Historic Site since 1984