Our Sponsors


 Our heartfelt thanks to the Lord Nelson Hotel for sponsoring several events put on by The Friends of the Public Gardens, including the Victoria Day Tea Party. The Lord Nelson has donated the proceeds of this event to The Friends to benefit the Halifax Public Gardens and provides the venue for this perennially sold-out event. We are grateful for their support.


Thanks to the many photographers who share their photos of the Halifax Public Gardens and allow us to use them on our website. Special mention to Martin Wigginton, our volunteer photographer for 2018.


The Uncommon Grounds Cafe has been providing sustenance and repose to visitors to the Gardens for years. Thank you for your support of the Gardens and of the Friends of the Public Gardens.


The Sacred Heart School of Halifax has hosted the
The Friends of the Public Gardens Board meetings
on a monthly basis for many years. We appreciate
their hospitality and thank them for being a friend.


Since 1989, Westwood Group has sought out and transformed quality locations into ideal places to
live, work and enjoy.


Neville's flower shop has been operating since 1992,
and is one of the top florist shops on the East Coast!


The association preserves and enhances the essence
and experience of the Spring Garden area for members, residents and visitors by supporting business success through community partnerships and resources.