calendar cover 2018THE 2018  DESKTOP CALENDAR

Just in time for the holidays, we have published a small desktop calendar of the Public Gardens.

Twelve pictures of the Gardens as found in the Nova Scotia Public Archives will arrive at your door in a small and convenient package.

Hurry, as we only have a limited number of this item.

Price Canada (with shipping): C$ 12.25
Price USA (with shipping): C$ 13.25

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The Halifax Public Gardens Book

A full color 7″X10″ 88 page book, containing hundreds of beautiful photographs (past and present) of the Public Gardens. It brings to life the fascinating history of this jewel in the heart of Halifax, and details its rich horticultural heritage.

A (24”X18”) map folded into the back cover identifies each tree in the Gardens by botanical and common name.

The book is a treasure and a proud representation of the Gardens – a great memory of your visit, or a gift of beauty for friends and family.

Published by The Friends of the Public Gardens, 2013.ISBN: 978-0-9693847-1-7



Canada: $20.00 CDN (plus $6.25 Shipping)

United Sates: $20.00 CDN (plus $10.25 Shipping)

Please contact us for prices on international orders.


Books are available online, and at the following stores : Bookmark, Jennifers (both on Spring Garden Road near the Gardens), and Carrefours Atlantique in Historic Properties


The Halifax Public Gardens Pocket Guide and Tree Map

This beautiful full colored guide and map, identifies all the trees in the Halifax Public Gardens, as well as its main features.

This folded 18″X24″ two sided , full colored poster, contains beautiful photos and descriptions of the main features of the Public Gardens on one side, and a keyed map on the other side identifying all the trees in the Gardens using both their botanical and common names.


Canada: $5.00 CDN (plus $2.25 for Shipping)

United States: $5.00 CDN (plus $3.25 for Shipping )

Please contact us for prices on international orders.


We are grateful to the estate of Mary Margaret Jarvis and to the many Friends volunteers, botanists, historians, writers, photographers and designers who contributed their time and expertise to the creation of the book and pocket guide.

Seasonal Items


PG scarf

Show your true colours and stay warm with our  double layered, light weight, knit scarf.

Dimensions: 170cm X 16.5 cm (66 ” X 6.5″)
Forest green knit with chartreuse green logo.


Canada : $18.00 CDN (plus $3.00 for Shipping )

United States: $18.00 CDN (plus $5.00 for Shipping )

Please contact us for prices on international orders.


Available at Horticultural Hall when open, and online.


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Halifax Public Gardens themed giftware and post cards are also available inside the Uncommon Grounds Cafe during the open season of the Gardens.